HOK Product Design + Lea Ceramiche

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Two collections, Pixel and Nest, bring to life the exceptional manufacturing techniques of Lea Ceramiche and HOK Product Design’s vast design expertise. Pixel, as its name suggests, comprises a series of ceramic tiles available in a large array of colors that can be layered to create a three dimensional effect. Nest draws inspiration from nature, mimicking the complexity and irregularity of leaves. The tiles can be interlocked to create an eye-catching puzzle that showcases the unorthodox use of ceramics as décor.

“Our design team was interested in using Lea Ceramiche’s new Slimtech line, which features Microban Antimicrobial Technology,” says HOK Product Design’s Susan Grossinger. “The original idea behind Pixel was to ‘blow up’ an image that has been converted from print to a digitized–or pixelated–image. Nest is a series of hexagons and triangles that can be used in a myriad of layouts, allowing designers to let their imaginations run wild. HOK Product Design also worked with Lea Ceramiche to increase color saturation in the Slimtech line for greater variation in the collection. Both Pixel and Nest can be used on walls and floors, even in high-traffic spaces.”