HOK Product Design + Lualdi

Bringing together two of the most well-known names in quality product development, HOK Product Design and Lualdi, the Half + Half collection is a trio of high-end doors designed for small spaces. The Half + Half collection responds to the needs of architects and interior designers looking to enhance residential and commercial spaces using sophisticated, functional and high-quality doors. Numerous customization options incorporate a variety of materials and finishes. The doors in this collection have been specifically designed to fit in small spaces, where swing and sliding doors are not feasible. Instead, the Half + Half door cleverly swings and pivots to open into a “half-in, half-out” position. HOK Product Design developed a series of three trims that combine wood and/or painted slabs, detailed with a shot of intense color. And, staying true to both companies’ high-minded design aesthetic, the collection was fashioned after men’s tailored suits.