Philippe Starck + sbe

SLS Bazaar Patisserie In looking for an ambitious, strategic approach to combine his visions for cutting-edge restaurant and hotel concepts, Sam Nazarian of sbe approached Culture + Commerce and Philippe Starck. Conversation, consultation, and in-depth collaboration resulted in a multiyear exclusive design relationship for hotels and restaurants in North America, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

sbe brings expansive vision and innovative thinking to the interrelated worlds of modern hospitality, real estate development and independent film production. A privately held organization founded by CEO Sam Nazarian, sbe acquires, develops and manages exceptional projects through its six specialized subsidiaries. With a mission to redefine standards of excellence, Nazarian and his team draw on a wealth of entrepreneurial expertise to create valuable synergies and unique alliances between the company’s inside business divisions and outside strategic partners.

The first of the restaurant properties, Katsuya, opened in Los Angeles in June 2006. The sbe/Starck relationship envisioned eight additional restaurants and five luxury hotel properties, with the first of the hotels being launched early in 2008. The most recently opened property is the SLS Las Vegas, the Strip’s first boutique hotel property. The SLS New York, SLS Philadelphia and the SLS Seattle are slated to open in 2016.